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Deep Cleansing Facial

Focused on exfoliation and clearing the pores. This facial is great for any age. Leaves the skin clean and refreshed. $75

European Facial

This facial combines much needed exfoliation with relaxation. Products are customized to hydrate and restore the skin. $75

Advanced Renewal Facial

The most popular facial; an Anti-aging treatment that hydrates and re-balances the skin using products designed to combat the aging process. $85

Bliss Facial

A custom facial that combines relaxation for the mind + body with the Anti-aging treatment needed to improve the appearance of your skin. $95

Back Facial

Treat your skin on your back the way you treat your face. Exfoliate all the dead skin + rehydrate + balance. $70

Men’s Facial

European Facial customized for “his” skin. $75